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About Us

We are a team of driven professionals with more than 20 years of combined experience in the adult day care business. We have a big passion for helping our community and families thrive with our hard work, strategic planning and lots of love.

Meet the Team


Alex Miranda is the co-founder of Participant Growth, a Miami-based digital marketing agency specializing in helping senior care centers attract and retain participants. Alex graduated from Cornell University in 2003 with a business and marketing degree. In 2005, he founded his first business, Creative Complex, a branding agency, where he helped thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. In addition to building his own company and developing marketing & branding strategies for his top clients, Alex coaches Christian entrepreneurs through his blog, Alex has written many books for marketers which have been downloaded thousands of times, including The Guide to Perfect Church Identity Branding, The Guide to the Perfect Flyer Design, The Yearly Marketing Trends, Guide to Instagram, and 7 Steps for Using Twitter.


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Ozzie Herrera Was born on a Father’s Day on June 21, 1981, in Hialeah hospital. He is married and also has a 13-year-old son. Went to Hialeah high and played baseball for four years also got a full scholarship to play baseball in Saint Petersburg in Tampa. His hobbies are working out, sports and music and fishing. He’s an Entrepreneur that started his daycare called social center adult daycare because of his grandmother that suffers from a mood disorder and bipolar also is the owners. Also, at participant growth and Advance senior placement. Always willing to help families and seniors live a happier, better and longer life. Ozzie is the manager of his own Adult Daycare in Hialeah, a proud senior member of the FADSA, and winner of the 2022 Hialeah honorary citizen award.


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